Why sellers like to use fulfillment by Amazon service

To understand Why sellers like to use fulfillment by Amazon service, we first need to know the definition of fulfillment by Amazon. This is more like when somebody tells you that you can track your TNT packages on TrackingMore, you would like to know what is TrackingMore? So what is the FBA anyway?

What is FBA
Fulfillment by Amazon was created by Amazon to help sellers ship goods to their customers in a more effective way. Amazon has the most advanced fulfillment networks in the word. It not only provides FBA service to its own Amazon sellers but also those sellers on other ecommerce platforms as well. It's working mode looks more like the warehouse. When selling goods online, the seller take their goods to the Amazon specified docking location, and then they are shipped by the Amazon staff to its customers.
With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), sellers can store products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and once the goods need to be shipped elsewhere, Amazon will pick, pack and ship for them. If there is anything related to the products, the customer service representatives of Amazon are responsible to solve.

Benefits of using FBA
Amazon's FBA service is intended to help online sellers scale their business and reach to more customers. This services can offer many benefits to the sellers. So what are they?

Free shipping product
If you choose FBA service, your products will be eligible for free two day shipping, which means you can provide cheap and fast delivery services for your customers. Besides, Amazon will place your product list in a higher listing so that more people can have a look at your product which can increase the chance of buying.

Reliable customer service and returns
Products fulfilled by Amazon are eligible for customer service provided by Amazon. Sellers do not need to spent any time during the fulfillment process. They just need to focus on their business. If there is anything occurring to the products, customers can contact the customer support directly by phone or email at any time. If there is a returning package, sellers just need to pay a little returns processing fee and let the Amazon expertise to solve all that for them.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment
Sellers who are selling products on other e-commerce platforms can also enjoy FBA service. In other words, with Multi-Channel Fulfillment, sellers can fulfill orders from other sales channels using their inventories stored in Amazon fulfillment centers.

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