How do I generate a TrackingMore API key?

TrackingMore supports 410 courier tracking APIs. Therefore, once integrated with TrackingMore API, you are able to access to 410 couriers. However, to call TrackingMore API, you must first login to your TrackingMore account. Unlike many other package tracker, TrackingMore enables each free user 500 trackings with unlimited API requests per month. Once your business grows much bigger, you can choose to purchase the API services with a small fee ($0.002/packages). Therefore, TrackingMore is the real package tracker which grows with its clients.

Steps to generate a TrackingMore API key
1. Login to TrackingMore account or sign up here.
2. Click "External Call">"Get API key".
3. Enter any name you like in the box you will see.
4. Click "Generate". A unique API key will be shown. You can choose to delete it at any time.

Reference: Python Class Example of TrackingMore Restful Tracking API

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