How do I track India Post packages via CSV upload? │ India Post package tracking

India Post provides many services including mail delivery, life insurance, bill collection and so on to its people. It is the backbone of the country's communication. A CSV upload enables people to track multiple packages within minutes. If you want to track dozens, hundreds, thousands or millions of India Post packages at a time, you can choose TrackingMore CSV upload. It not only gives you detailed tracking info but also shipping performance analytics, tracking statuses, notifications and so on. So, how can you perform that?

How to track India Post packages via CSV upload?
TrackingMore provides a kind of simple and easy way to bulk track packages. That is by uploading a CSV file. You can click Bulk Track Packages via CSV Upload to learn how to perform package tracking.

How does India Post tracking number look like?

India Post tracking number is consisted of 13 characters with two letters at first, 9 digits at middle and "IN" at the end. India Post tracking number formats can be listed as below.
A# *** *** *** IN
C# *** *** *** IN
E# *** *** *** IN
L# *** *** *** IN
R# *** *** *** IN
S# *** *** *** IN
V# *** *** *** IN

How does India Post tracking number display on TrackingMore backstage center?

If you have successfully upload a CSV file according to the above steps, TrackingMore will auto track all the India Post tracking numbers you just uploaded and classify the delivery status for you.

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