Track DTDC orders, packages, shipments and parcels - DTDC tracking guide

Shipped a package by DTDC? Then you must be eager to know how to track DTDC orders. Today, I am going to tell you some methods to track DTDC shipments. However, before reading this guide, please also be aware that you need to provide a DTDC tracking number which usually appears on the recipient that DTDC courier gives to you. You can find your DTDC consignment number under a barcode. See below.
Now you have a DTDC tracking number and you can track your DTDC packages by following one of the below method.
Methods to check status of DTDC consignments
1. Track on DTDC tracking page on TrackingMore.
This method is the easiest and simplest way to track your DTDC parcels. All you need to do is entering DTDC courier tracking page and then inputting DTDC tracking number.
2. Go to DTDC official website.
Enter DTDC official website and find the track and trace page. At there, enter your reference number and click track, then your tracking info will show.
3. Track through SMS service
You can send text message (your courier name and consignment number) to phone number 9845324040. In this case, you can type "DTDC K92373490" and send it to phone number 9845324040. The text format is "DTDC<Space>Consignment Number".

What does RTO_INTR on DTDC tracking status mean?
RTO_INTR on DTDC tracking status means your package was sent back to the sender. Typical reason is that there is no one at home to receive items after DTDC did several delivery attempts or the delivery address is wrong and etc.. When this happens, I suggest you contact DTDC immediately and ask why your packages has been sent back and if there is way to remedy this. Typical DTDC tracking info explanations can be refer to "Detailed Explanations of Tracking Statuses".

If you are still have questions on tracking packages from DTDC courier, please leave me comments and I will see what shall I assist.

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