Affordable Shipping Services recommended for Buying From China

There are many shipping services you can choose to ship goods from China to worldwide destinations. You can choose postal services like PostNL, China Post, Malaysia Post; Commercial Express like DHL, FedEx, forwarding companies like Yanwen logistics, 4PX; private companies like Yunda express, YTO, S.F. international express and so on.

Today, I am going to share some postal services that are most popular among Chinese sellers.

Number One: China Post
China Post tracking link: To track China Post packages, you can go to China Post tracking site.

China Post, China EMS, ePacket are the top shipping services used by Chinese sellers because the cheap postage fee and easy customs clearance. Delivery time will vary a lot for different destinations and services. And delay often happens when package is about to ship by plane.

Tips: Do not mark goods as "gifts" when shipping by China Post as it will be most likely returned to sender as thought to avoid tax.

Number Two: Hong Kong Post
Hong Kong Post tracking: You can track Hong Kong Post packages directly at TrackingMore by entering a tracking number.

Hong Kong Post is very popular among Chinese sellers because it can ship electronic goods which China Post cannot. So sometimes, a parcel will ship to Hong Kong first from China and then goes to another country.

Number Three: 4PX
4PX tracking: To track 4PX packages is easy, just visit 4px tracking site at TrackingMore.

4PX has a very close relationship with Singapore Post. Sometimes, a 4PX tracking number can also be tracked on Singapore Post. AliBaBa Cainiao Group has invested in this shipping company. And most of its businesses come from AliExpress Sellers.

Number Four: Singapore Post
Singapore Post tracking link: To track Singapore Post packages, you can go to Singapore Post tracking site.

Singapore Post is an alternative to China Post. It is very convenient for people living in Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines to ship goods from China.

Number Five: Yanwen Express,
Yanwen Express tracking link can be found at TrackingMore Yanwen express tracking page.

Yanwen Experss is a complicated shipping company in China. Most sellers use it to ship goods because it is supported by AliExpress Standard Shipping (same as Fulfillment By Amazon), so it is very convenient. Besides, it is extremely cheap which can reduce a lot of cost.

Number Six: Flyt Express
Flyt Express tracking link can be found at TrackingMore Flyt express tracking page.

This company provides the same shipping services as Yanwen Express.

When using above shipping companies to ship goods from China to international destinations, please use registered mail services which can be tracked through the whole delivery process. And once you have a tracking number, you can check your parcel status on TrackingMore official website.

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