Jet-Ship - New Shipping Solution For Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines Sellers

Jet-Ship is a newly established logistics provider who provides reliable and speedy shipping services with a reasonable price. It's core competition lies in that it offers pick-up service in country of Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines, so it is very convenient to ship goods within those areas.

The services that Jet-ship provides include:
Door-to-Door Parcel Collection and Delivery
Online Tracking and Delivery Confirmation
Assistance from Auction Specialists

After shipping a package, you might want to check the status of your package and the estimated delivery time of it. So how do you track your package shipped by Jet-Ship?

Track Packages Shipped By Jet-Ship
You can track Jet-ship packages by online tracking tool or email.

For online tracking tool, you can go to Jet-Ship official website or Jet-Ship worldwide tracking page at TrackingMore by entering a tracking number.

For tracking by email, you can sent messages to this email address: Service @ Jet-Ship.com and then you will receive email notifications whenever there is an update of your tracking info.

Estimated Delivery Date of Jet-Ship Package
When you track Jet-Ship packages on its official website, you will see estimated delivery date on the top of tracking result page. That date is calculated by the service you use and country you sent to.

Usually, you will receive item before the estimated delivery date except when there is a delay in customs clearance for international packages.

To check Jet-Ship shipment status online, please enter your tracking number on Jet-Ship worldwide tracking page. And for the estimated delivery time of a package, you can refer to the time shown on Jet-Ship parcel tracking result page.

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