AliExpress Tracking APP - Auto Track Multiple Orders From AliExpress Shop

Running a shop on AliExpress? Then you must want to know how to efficiently check detailed tracking info about all your AliExpress orders. You may try very hard via googling how to track your AliExpress orders and at last find nothing as there are very rare AliExpress Tracking APP out there.

But today you will be impressed when you read this article about how to auto track multiple AliExpress orders because it is going to show exactly what you want.

How To Track Bulk AliExpress Orders
Step 1. Sign up free for a TrackingMore account and login.
Step 2. Enter AliExpress Tracking page and click "Install" icon.
Step 3. Click "Connect AliExpress" and login to your AliExpress account.
For first time connection, system will auto import and track AliExpress orders added in the past 30 days.

Benefits You Will Get From AliExpress Tracking APP
l  Real-time tracking info displayed all in one place
l  Save your time by auto import and track all your orders
l  Multiple shops integration with one account
l  Shipping performance analytics
l  Email and SMS notifications to reduce customers' enquiries
l  Customized tracking page and tracking link
l  474 couriers tracking access
l  Your dedicated account manager

How To Help System Correctly Match Couriers On AliExpress
TrackingMore supports tracking of international 474 couriers worldwide. We support tracking all AliExpress Standard Shipping packages.

However, there are couriers that sellers choose by its own which we may not support tracking currently. If so, please contact TrackingMore customer services to add that specifically for you. This will usually takes 1-3 days until you can performing tracking.

If you shipped packages through couriers listed in this page: https://www.trackingmore.com/carriers.html, please refer to this article about how to correctly match couriers.

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