OnTrac Tracking - Track Amazon Order Shipped By OnTrac?

OnTrac, an alternative shipping solution to UPS, FedEx, is Amazon Prime order shipping company specializing in contracting regional shipping services in the Western United States. In other words, if you bought things from Amazon and you lived in the Western United States, chances are that your package is delivered by OnTrac.

So, if your packages were carried by OnTrac, then how do you track OnTrac packages?

You can go to OnTrac official website of course! However, sometimes it is just so complicated to find the tracking tool and perform tracking.

Therefore, I would suggest you go to a third party parcel tracking website, like TrackingMore to track OnTrac packages. You can first go to OnTrac tracking page and then enter your OnTrac tracking number. Tracking info will be displayed on the tracking result page at the same window.

Reviews About OnTrac And My Opinion
I have heard a lot of unfriendly words about OnTrac online. Many people stated that OnTrac is not good enough to act as Amazon prime shipping partner and package often gets lost when shipping by OnTrac, which I think it is far more than truth.

For one thing, Amazon has its own reason to choose the best shipping partner. For another, people are more likely to complain about things online rather than commend them.

As of today, OnTrac has 25 years of rich experience in delivering packages across the western United States. And it gives people more choices as when to deliver a package. Check delivery times of OnTrac below.

OnTrac Delivery Times

Sunrise Service
Delivered by 10:30am; Saturday delivery by 2pm.

Sunrise Gold Service
Delivered by 8am; Saturday delivery by 12pm.

OnTrac Ground Service
Next-day and 2-day delivery by end of business day; Saturday delivery by prior arrangement, call 800.334.5000.

Palletized Freight Service
Delivered by 5pm, Saturday delivery by prior arrangement, call 800.334.5000.

And I am sure it will bring a lot of more conveniences to its customers in the future especially in checking OnTrac shipment status online services because of the development of Artificial Intelligence.

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