APC Postal Logistics USA, Canada, UK, Australia Tracking

APC Postal Logistics provides Expedited International, Priority International and Standard International shipping services to its clients. And packages shipped via Standard International shipping service cannot be tracked.

Therefore, if you shipped packages via Expedited International or Priority International service, you can track APC Postal Logistics packages on TrackingMore parcel tracking website.  

About APC Postal Logistics
Strategically located near JFK, ORD and LAX International airports, APC Postal Logistics offers unparalleled international delivery and logistics services to people from worldwide 200 countries since 2001. Many online retailers, fulfilment companies, publishers, mail-houses and printer clients who are especially on the West Coast benefit a lot from its parcelConnect services.

ParcelConnect service provides door-to-door delivery of international packages. If your packages were sent via Expedited International service, you can also choose Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) or Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) when dealing with customs clearance.

Big integrated shipping partners of APC Postal Logistics include ADSI, Connectship | ISHIP, DESKTOPSHIPPER, DUE, easypost, easyship, endicia, iabol, proship, shiphero, shippingeasy, shipstation and TrueShip

APC Postal Logistics International Services
parcelConnect Expedited DDU
parcelConnect Expedited DDP
parcelConnect Priority DDU w/Delcon
parcelConnect ePacket DDU
parcelConnect Priority DDP w/Delcon

How To Track APC Postal Logistics Parcels?
TrackingMore only supports APC tracking via apc tracking number. If you want to track APC postal logistics shipments through other credentials, please contact the sender or APC postal logistics customer service representative.

For APC tracking International, APC tracking USA, APC tracking Canada, APC tracking Australia, APC tracking UK via tracking number, please enter this APC Postal Logistics tracking page.

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  1. If the buyer offers to clear the goods for the seller, they should insist on using their own clearance agent in DDP shipping services.