Yakit Shipping Tracking - International Shipping for E-commerce

Yakit, established in January 1st, 2013, is an international logistics provider focusing on cross border e-commerce shipping with pre-paid duties and taxes. Sellers at Shopify, Miva, WooCommerce and the 3PL Central (ask us via Y-Chat) warehousing platform are its major customers. It's headquarter is located in Silicon Valley, California and branch in India.

As every item shipped via Yakit is traceable, so if you shipped a package through this courier, you are enable to track Yakit packages by entering a tracking number which usually consists of sisteen digits.

You can enjoy full insurance and pre-paid duties and taxes if you shipped via Yakit, so typically you need not worry about a thing once you package has been shipped out. And this is also why many people would like to choose Yakit shipping even though it is still much new among other shipping companies.

Yakit Delivery Time
Express: 2-5 days
Standard: 6-12 days
Domestic: 1-5 days

Warnings About Yakit Shipping
1. Yakit only ships goods for registered businesses. It does not ship goods for a personal.
2. Yakit supports international drop-shipping activities  from the US, India, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and several EU countries like UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain. However, domestic drop-shipping is only supported within the USA.
3. Yakit does not support Cash On Delivery services at present!

Yakit Shipping Tracking
Yakit shipping tracking can be performed via Yakit shipping tracking api, Yakit tracking page at TrackingMore or Yakit official website.

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