Everything You Need To Know When Tracking Poslaju Packages

Poslaju packages, shipments, orders, parcels can be tracked on either Poslaju official website or Poslaju tracking site created by TrackingMore team. When you shipped an item by Poslaju online, you will receive an email confirmation containing your tracking number with a tracking link.

Most of the time, you will by lucky enough to receive your item in the promised delivery time. But there are exceptions. Therefore, as a shipper, I suggest you check this post to fast know everything you need to be reminded of when tracking poslaju packages.

One: where can you find a tracking number?
If you are a sender, you can find your tracking number on the parcel label you stick it on your packaging box, so make sure you make a note of it before shipping your item.

What if you did not remember your tracking number? You can always sign into your Poslaju account and find it there.

If you are a recipient, please ask the sender to give you one. If you are a buyer, you must ask your seller to give you the tracking number. Please remember the courier will not be able to help you with anything if you just tell them the order number.

Two: how do I track my parcel?
There are number of ways to check the delivery status of your packages online. If you are the sender, you can login to your Poslaju account and click on the 'Your Shipments' link in the top right hand corner of the screen.

If you have a tracking number, you can go to Poslaju official website or our parcel tracking site to track your international and domestic Poslaju shipments. For international packages, you will be able to track your parcel from origin to its destination as all our orders are fully trackable, from the moment the parcel is collected to the moment it’s delivered.

Before tracking your package, please make sure it can be fully traceable as all the regular mails will not have any tracking record.

Three: how do I contact courier?
Sometimes, a card containing courier contact will be left at your door tag if he/she failed to deliver your item, so you can call them to make another delivery.

If a direct number cannot be found, you can always go to Poslaju official website and ask help from its help centre and someone from there will guide you what to do next!

Four: why there is no tracking updates for my Poslaju shipments?
Shipments will only be scanned at each processing and distribution centre. Most often when a parcel’s tracking has stopped updating, it is simply due to a small delay in the delivery, or a delay in the tracking system registering the parcel’s progress. If a package was shipped overseas, it is normal that 3-7 days even longer be taken when carried in an airplane. If a package was shipped within abroad and tracking info has stopped updating for a few days, it could indicate complications with the delivery.

Another situation is if a package was carried by more than one courier, then tracking may stop updating when there is an exchange between logistics providers.

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