How To Match Correct Couriers When Using Shopify Parcel Tracking Plugin?

Once successfully installed Shopify parcel tracking plugin at TrackingMore, you are enabled to auto import and track orders from your Shopify store every 8 hours. Apart from "tracking number" being imported, other fields like "Order number", "Customer Email Address', "Couriers" will also be imported. And they also need to be perfectly matched. So how?

Courier Match Rules
TrackingMore system will import carrier you enter in your Shopify shop for each order you created. If you do not entered a courier name for an order you created, TrackingMore will import tracking numbers from your Shopify shop and match couriers from your frequently used couriers you selected at your TrackingMore account.

If you do not set your frequently used couriers at TrackingMore account, system then will auto detect courier based on tracking number it imported. So the courier match rules can be: imported courier > frequently used courier > auto detected courier.

Tips: For better match courier, you had better choose the right courier for each order at Shopify shop. Otherwise, please set frequently used couriers at TrackingMore account.

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