South African Post Office Tracking - Alternative To SAPO Official Website

South African Post Office is often called "SAPO" in short by many people. It is a government owned postal service in South Africa. If you shipped a parcel through this shipping company, no matter it is a domestic package or an international package, you can enter you AWB, waybill number or tracking code on SAPO official website to track SAPO parcels.

However, there are many times that South African Post Office tracking is unavailable. And even if you tried to email them, there will not be any answer, which is ridiculous. Lots of people, including me, will go crazy.

So, if there is any way to ease our pain? The answer is "yes".

Go To TrackingMore To Track SAPO Parcels At Ease
If you often bought things and surfed online, you may already discovered this useful and popular parcel tracking tool. If so, please continue enjoying using it. If not, start now and try to use it. Once you tried it, you will definitely love it.

To perform South African Post Office international tracking and Domestic Track and Trace, please go to South African Post Office tracking page at TrackingMore and enter your tracking number.

Please note that, for your convenience, you can track all international and domestic packages shipped through South African Post Office in the same tracking page.

South African Post Office Contact Details
Although I thought the South African Post Office customer service is often useless most of the time, I am going to post their contacts here for people to check. Maybe one day they will be ashamed about their behaviour and take you case.

SAPO Phone Number: 0860 111 502
SAPO customer service email address: customer.services@postoffice.co.za

To check regional contact details, please copy and paste this link: https://www.postoffice.co.za/ContactUs/contactdetails.html

Please take care of the parcel delivery scam and never make any payments for so called custom duties and courier fees before a parcel is given to you.

About TrackingMore
TrackingMore is a third party parcel tracking site which supports tracking of international 474 couriers worldwide, including South African Post Office tracking. It is designated for online sellers and buyers to check statuses of their packages.

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