Shipping Time From China To United States - Shipping Time Calculator

Chinese products are very popular among people around the world because of their very cheap prices and good quality. More and more people are buying things from Chinese online marketplaces, such as AliExpress, Taobao, JD.com.

Therefore, knowing "how long will it take to send packages from China to USA" is very important. Unlike shipping cost which really matters with the product type, weight, size, shipping time can be calculated for sure once carrier and carrier’s route schedule (origin shipping country and destination country) are set.

Calculate Transit Time Shipping From China To USA
I know TrackingMore is a good place to check package status online and it already benefits a lot of people. And if you once tracked your package on TrackingMore, then you may find they have a shipping time calculator for user to check the shipping time.

However, not all people know this good feature. So I am here to tell you how to use this transit time calculator to calculate delivery time of shipment sending from China to USA.

Step 1: Enter TrackingMore official website and navigate to the category of "Shipping Time Calculator"

Step 2: Enter the Shipping Time Calculator, choose the origin country and destination country. The default is "China" to "United States". So you do not need to do anything, just click "Calculate" button.

Step 3: Now, you can see the estimated delivery time for each specific courier. Choose the courier you use to ship your parcel and click "detail" to see details. For example, here we choose "DHL". And see what we get?

Step 4: You will see the transit time shipping from China to USA by DHL takes 4.9 days. And sample we have made to calculate estimated delivery time.

About The Estimated Delivery Time Calculated By TrackingMore
TrackingMore system will automatically replace the sample shipment every six months to give the latest transit time for each courier. All those shipment sample data are from our tracking history. The bigger the sample data are, the more accurate the shipping time will reflect.

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