Items Shipped Via La Poste But Were Broken Into Pieces

Today one of my friends claimed that an item she bought online was broken into pieces after she opened the packaging box. And she even showed me pictures as you can see below.

And then she said seller just gave her a tracking number and told her it was shipped via La Poste and could be tracked on Trackingmore. So what would you do if you were me, she asked.

Well, I should simply say you can try to contact both seller and La Poste. But first, please keep the photograph of the damage, which would be helpful in the subsequent claim for damage.

HOwever, as neither of us know any French, so we try to contact seller. Fortunately, seller promised to refund the money but my friend should return items and pay the shipping fee.

Thinking about all these, we began to believe maybe contacting La Poste would be a nicer way to deal with this matter as the shipping fee would cause hugely and time is also an factor.

So is there any way to contact La Poste for people who do not understand French? Would this be possible done by negotiating with La Poste? Would it be useful to provide La Poste tracking info? https://www.trackingmore.com/laposte-tracking.html?number=CC749604496FR

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