What Is A Third Party Parcel Tracking Tool

A third party parcel tracking tool is also often known as a third party parcel tracking website, parcel tracking platform, parcel tracker, parcel tracking app and so on. This kind of tool usually provides people with shipment tracking info from various couriers all in one place. Trackingmore is a typical example of this kind.

Many people would simply take a third party package tracking site as a counterpart of parcel tracking services from courier official website, which I really doubted as they have many differences between each other. To explore this, I think there is a need for you to know typical services a third party parcel tracking tool provides.

Trackingmore is an excellent all in one package tracking tool, so what kind of service it provides?

One: Multi-carrier Shipping Tracking Services
Trackingmore supports parcel tracking of international 477 couriers, including major carriers like USPS, UPS, China Post, DHL, FedEx, China EMS, S.F. International and etc. It provides real-time tracking info for 80,000 site visitors per day and this number is increasing.

Tracking data are all analyzed and divided into seven groups which we now call package tracking statuses: "Not Found", "In Transit", "Exception", "Out for Delivery", "Expired", "Failed Attempt" and "Delivered".

Two: Multi-carrier Shipping Tracking APIs
Trackingmore provides e-commerce developers with 475 courier tracking APIs so that they can retrieve multiple shipments tracking info effectively. The API it provides is very stable, fast and accurate.

Newly registered user can test 500 trackings within the first month for free. Besides, for those who own an e-commerce website and added an all site link to Trackingmore can enjoy up to 200 trackings for free per day. By this way, they can save up to approximately $75 per month. Click Free API Request to see how it works.

Three: Carrier Auto Detect
Every courier has its own rules to define a tracking number, and this rule is especially distinct in terms of postal services. Trackingmore has an brilliant system that stores all those tracking number rules from couriers we supported.

So if a person inputs a tracking number in a rectangle box at Trackingmore homepage, it will be auto matched with one or multiple carriers. And this is also a good way to know which courier carries your shipment.

Four: Tracking Widget
Trackingmore provides free tracking widget for all people who want to embed it to their own e-commerce sites and track packages. Users can define color, courier, style and formats to meet their websites theme. A typical tracking widget looks like below example. You can also click Tracking Widget to define one for your own shop.
Five: Analytics
Want to know which courier has the best shipping performance and which destination country your shipments are sent to? You can login to your Trackingmore account and check all in one panel.

Besides, it provides shipping time calculator for your reference based on its huge data in the system.

Six: Email Notifications
Once there is an delivery status update, system can auto send emails to notify your customers so that you can easily please them and generate more sales.

Seven: Parcel Tracking Plugins
Own an online shop on Magento, Shopify, eBay, AliExpress, Wish, CS-Cart, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, ShipStation and want to track orders from various logistics providers? Then you really need to try Trackingmore parcel tracking plugins.

A parcel tracking plugin is designated for merchants to auto track orders and allow them enjoying more time focusing on its businesses.

A third party parcel tracking tool is a professional parcel tracker that enables people to track packages from multiple carriers all in one place.

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