Landmark Global Order Tracking

TrackingMore provides Landmark Global order tracking service for free. Any packages sent through this shipping company with a tracking number can be tracked. Detailed Landmark Global tracking info will be displayed instantly for your reference.

What is Landmark Global?
Landmark Global is the international division of Belgium Post who provides end to end international mail and delivery services for millions of customers worldwide. With sophisticated technology know-how, it can provide customized solutions to meet clients' needs from worldwide 220 countries and territories. It not only ships packages but manages those returns, which lessens a lot of sellers' anxieties.

How To Track Landmark Global Packages On TrackingMore?
TrackingMore provides the easiest way to retrieve package tracking info. All you need to do is to enter your parcel tracking number which you can easily get either form your merchant or a shipping label.

Landmark Global tracking number can be consists of 30 digits. See example here: 312015922500000000000201825617. Now imagine you want to track this package, what should you do then?

Step1: Enter Landmark Global tracking link;
Step2: Input tracking number and click "Track";
Step3: Tracking info shows and you can check now.

Note: if you track Landmark Global packages directly at TrackingMore homepage by inputing a tracking number, you may be guided to the bPost tracking page which you are also enable to check the latest tracking info of shipment.

If you are a merchant who wants to trakc multiple Landmark Global orders all in one place, please send us emails at vanessa@trackingmore.org, and one of our sales managers will teach you everything on how to get on board.

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