OnePlus Shipment Shipping Tracking

This article tells you easy ways to track your shipments purchased on OnePlus official website. Everything you need is a tracking number the seller gave to you after your purchase!

Every product bought from OnePlus will experience three stages until it is in transit to your home. The first stage is "Pending shipment" which means seller is preparing product and paperwork for the logistics company to ship your goods. The second stage is "Processing" which means your package is sent to the courier and is about to ship. And the third stage is "Complete" which means your shipment is in the route to your address. And usually at this time, you will be granted a tracking number which enable you to track your parcels.

Like other online shopping malls, OnePlus also has its own shipping partners and reliable shipping couriers. According to the statement of OnePlus, it usually uses the following couriers to ship goods for its customers!

To track your OnePlus packages, you can click one of above links and then input your tracking number. Otherwise, you can enter your tracking number at Trackingmore homepage to auto detect courier and track for you.

Note: OnePlus shipping time varies in terms of destinations and shipping methods. If you choose standard shipping which is more economically friendly, typical total transit time would be 4-7 days while in priority method, that would be only 1-3 days.

Of course, faster delivery requires more expensive shipping rates but less chance to lose a package.

 Hope all your packages can be arrived in time and without any damage! Do not forget to bookmark "Trackingmore" to track all your packages bought on OnePlus and elsewhere! Happy tracking!

Origin: https://medium.com/@TrackingMore/how-to-track-oneplus-orders-oneplus-order-shipping-tracking-db09be166abf

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