Sagawa Tracking (佐川急便)

About Sagawa

Sagawa, founded on 24th November, 1965, is headquartered at 68 Tsunoda-cho, Kamitoba, Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan. With more than 47,000 employees and 24,379 vehicles, it aims at strengthening its door-to-door services and providing comprehensive logistics solutions.

Service contents

Compared with Yamato Transport and Japan Post, Sagawa Kyubin has fewer dispatch channels, as it has shipping channels connected with its own offices (post offices) and convenience stores.

Because sales activities and shipping conditions are flexible, the use of mail-order companies is active. Meanwhile, because of flexible designation time, users get increased year by year.

How to track shipments by Sagawa

Official website: go to Sagawa official website

Other solutions: use Trackingmore Sagawa Tracking

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