What chocolate brands you cannot miss when visiting Belgium?

Speaking of Belgium, I guess the first thing you think of is chocolate. Yes, it's really a chocolate kingdom, and local Belgians like it too.

There are chained chocolate shops on the street, and some are home-made workshops. The chocolate there tastes much more authentic than elsewhere: sweet but not excessive.

Here are several chocolate brands I would like to recommend:

Cote D'Or

This is one of the most common brands in Belgian supermarkets.
About two euros for a large chocolate bar! Although the price is similar to Dove, the purity is much higher than that of Dove. After trying Cote D'Or, you may think Dove is too sweet.


Guylian is famous for its shell-shaped chocolate. Its name is the combination of Guy Foubert and his wife Liliane. Its price is not expensive. It tastes too sweet for me, but its shell shape is indeed adorable.


Godiva is a most common high-end Belgian chocolate brand. It tastes pure and sweet. If you are lucky enough, you can try its strawberry chocolate - the combination of fresh and slightly sour strawberry with sweet chocolate. It’s more than perfect!


Neuhaus is also a high-end chocolate brand. Neuhaus's sandwich chocolate is very popular and has become a world famous brand. Neuhaus is also the first brand to pack chocolates in boxes, making chocolate a good choice for gifts. Sandwich chocolates account for 40% of all its production.


Leonidas is also a popular Belgian chocolate brand, it is cheaper than Neuhaus. Compared with Godiva, it doesn’t taste that sweet; but in terms of purity, it is not as good as Godiva. However, taking packaging, taste and price elements into consideration, it can be a very suitable gift choice.

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