Order tracking: a newly added function by TrackingMore

Feel tired during order tracking? looking through all the information to just ensure that there is any emergency occurs to your tracking info. It is really annoying you should miss important info after all the eye pain and soreness you suffer. So, let’s have a look at an example. When we enter the tracking number of an order, we often get the following result.

1. Deficiency of the previous order tracking

With just word descriptions, and the overall tracking status is shown on the top. If you want to find out more detailed info, you have to read word for word. However, the thing is that not all the info is necessary for you. What you really care about is whether your package is in the following statuses:"delivered",  "out for delivery", "transit","exception", or "failed attempt". To solve this problem, TrackingMore now has designed five icons for your convenience. They are:

delivered: package is received by recipient

out for delivery: package is being dispatched 

transit: package is received by courier

exception: tracking status cannot be found for some unknown reason

failed attempt: delivery is not completed for some reason

This is how the icons actually present after entering a tracking number.

2. New experience from this newly added function

This new added function is really fabulous. It saves a large amount of time and I can figure out the info I truly need by just one look. The thing I love most is that any important detailed info won’t be overlooked.
Wanna have a new experience? You can try for yourself: go TrackingMore.

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