International Seur: ecological vehicles are used in its logistics transport syetem

International Seur, founded in 1942, is the first company to provide comprehensive transportation and logistics services for urgent goods in Spain. Customer care, innovative strategy, cost-effective, personalized and high quality services and cutting-edge solutions makes the company the leader in logistics industry. Now, Seur has made its efforts to improve the environment by using ecological vehicles.

In recent years, pollution has become one of the main concerns of the society in which we live. It is true that the ecological conscience is growing at the same rate as the alarming data of contamination of our planet which is not always easy to stop. However, one of the greatest solutions in this matter is the automotive sector.

It is a very particular dialectic, but simple to understand: motor vehicles are one of the main sources of pollution on the planet and, therefore, it is one of the main objectives to be taken into account when reducing the emission of harmful harmful gases for the ecosystem.

In urban parcel and courier transport, new measures contribute to a clean and more efficient transport. Here Seur includes the delivery of packages with unmanned drones, the electrification of the logistics transport - especially with electric bikes in the main urban centers - and, in another smaller scale, the electric bikes are used by eco-deliverers (messengers who use the bicycle), mainly for the delivery of urgent parcels and in the delivery of food at home.

In Spain, night logistics is being promoted as a measure to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by taking advantage of the distribution in off-peak and night hours. This initiative has been promoted after the study carried out by the Association of Companies of Great Consumption (AECOC), which shows that one out of four delivery trucks can not park in the loading or unloading area assigned to them, with the consequent excess pollution while looking for where to park. Seur has done quite a good job in this aspect.

Obviously, Seur has realized the importance to make changes in the consumer environment (that is, private cars).Seur thus aims its focus on the fleets of vehicles used during express deliveries. Vans and delivery bikes in urban centers, traveling long distances in one day are a source of significant emissions into the atmosphere (NOx, SOx and CO2).

New mobility models 

The combination of private efforts to develop and implement new technologies to the transportation system, and public initiatives such as the MOVEA Plan, contributes to creating models of multimodal accessibility,and to the organization of transport and logistics efficiency. This allows to reduce the light, acoustic and atmospheric pollution; traffic congestion and improve the efficiency of urban transport.

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