What is EUB?

EUB is a courier express delivery service (China EMS) to provide economical international courier services for cross-border e-commerce about the light and small items delivery. It uses postal customs clearance to enter the postal light and small parcels network for delivery. Single piece weight limit: 2kg; reference time limit:7-10 working days.

EUB is also called E-Express in Hong Kong. In general, the international eub is a very competitive logistics product, the price is much cheaper than DHL and other international express services. It also provides timely and full logistics information. Thus, it becomes one of the most popular logistics methods for AliExpress and Ebay ; of course, its shortcomings are also very obvious: it only offers services to a small number of countries and only ships products below 2 kg. However, eub is now gradually opening up some new national routes.

EUB official website:

EUB number rules:
EUB number often has 13 digits, with “L” at the start and “CN” at the end.
To be more specific: eub often has “LQ/LK/LM/LN/LX/AG” at the start and “CN” at the end.

Countries and regions served by EUB
United States, Russia, Ukraine, New Zealand, Japan, Vietnam, Spain, Thailand, Israel, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, Norway, Canada, South Korea, Malaysia, Turkey, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Greece

Package dimensions & weight required by EUB
Weight limit: 2 kg; Israel - 3 kg Maximum size of single piece: length, width and thickness do not exceed 90 cm in total, and the longest side does not exceed 60 cm. Single piece minimum size: not less than 14 cm in length and not less than 11 cm in width.

For EUB tracking info, go to epacket tracking

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