What do the statuses mean when tracking my item?

When tracking your item, there are a few different status updates you may see along the way. Here's what they all mean:

Awaiting collection

‘Awaiting collection’ means that your item is waiting for you at the Post Office indicated on the card left in your letterbox, or in the SMS / email notification.

Contact sender

‘Contact sender’ means that your item has been returned to the sender.   You should contact the sender of the item directly for an update.  

Customer enquiry lodged

‘Customer enquiry lodged’ means either the sender or addressee has contacted the Customer Care team with an enquiry about this item. It doesn’t relate to the physical location of your parcel.


Your parcel has been ‘delivered’!


‘Dispatched’ means:
•    your parcel is on its way overseas, and it has been received into the international system and is awaiting delivery, or
•    you have an item coming to you from an international location and it has been ‘dispatched’ by the sender

In transit

You may see ‘in transit’ as your parcel status for a few days. This is because, between origin and destination, your parcel usually won’t be re-scanned. But it is moving through the parcel network.

Invalid track ID

The ‘invalid tracking ID’ status could mean:
•    you’ve entered the wrong number – please double check it and try again, or
•    the number isn’t being recognized by the tracking system – please wait 24 hours and try again, or
•    the item you’re tracking is more than two months old

Not trackable

You might see the status ‘product not trackable’ or ‘sorry, this item can't be tracked’ if you’re using an international delivery service that doesn’t come with tracking as a standard feature.


‘Pending – no events yet’ means your item hasn’t been scanned yet. Try tracking your item again in 24 hours – the status should have been updated.

Possible delay

‘Possible delay’ means the logistics service has received your item, but delivery might be delayed due to something like a flood or traffic incident. For international parcels, they may need to be inspected further by Customs. Try tracking your item in another day or so, or contact the sender to follow up.


‘Processing’ means the shipping information has been received and approved that the sender has entered into the online system.


The status ‘started’ means that the sender has entered shipping details into the online system, but it hasn’t received by the logistics service yet. Try tracking your item again in 24 hours – the status should have been updated.

Unable to gain access

‘Unable to gain access’ means there was a reason postmen couldn’t access the property to deliver your item, like a locked gate or a dog. In these cases, your parcel will be taken to a nearby Post Office, and the postie will leave a card to let you know where and when you can collect it.

Unsuccessful pickup

‘Unsuccessful pickup’ means a pickup has been booked for the parcel, but postmen were unable to collect it. This could be because no one was at the pickup address or we couldn’t gain access, the address was incorrect, or the parcel wasn’t ready to be collected.

To get the tracking info for yourself, enter Parcel tracking

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