What E-solutions can be offered by Overnite Express?

Overnite Express Ltd - Domestic & International Couriers - embarked on its journey in the year 1987 with offices located only in the major metros of the country namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. Since then, the company have been growing rapidly. To improve user experience, Overnite Express provide its users with e-solutions. Here are three ways recommended to you.


eTrack is Overnite's answer to portals with shopping carts. This software integrates with the portal so that visitors and customers of that Portal can track the shipment right on that portal itself.
The client can integrate the system in its website by just giving a link to Overnite eTrack engine which opens a Pop-up window to facilitate the visitor with pre-formatted tracking results.
eTrack opens up many possibilities as it allows one to connect seamlessly with Overnite's tracking engine and ease the shipping processes and tracking by integration of Overnite's automated tracking functions into company intranets, general purpose websites, and corporate information systems.

SMS Track

SMSTrack is a powerful tool to update you on the status of your shipment through mobile phone.
Send an SMS and you will get the status immediately.
Example (1): For Airway Bill Number Tracking: TYPE < Airway Bill Number> SEND TO <56767111>
Example (2): For Reference Number Tracking: TYPE SEND TO <56767111>

Web Track

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