Things You Need to Know About Aliexpress Standard Shipping

When referring to AliExpress Standard Shipping, we have to mention Alibaba Group. Then...

Whats the Connection between AliExpress Standard Shipping and Alibaba Group

AliExpress Standard Shipping is a courier company that belongs to Alibaba Group. You can get this shipping method when you order something from AliExpress or any other websites from Alibaba Group. AliExpress Standard Shipping is not a delivery service actually, and it is an agent that focuses on issues with logistics and package control.

AliExpress Standard Shipping option is mostly free and provides tracking as well. However, most people, especially new buyers are often confused and worried about the shipping and deliveries offered by AliExpress Standard Shipping. So...

What is AliExpress Standard Shipping?

It is a delivery option available to all customers. It’s similar to “Fulfillment by Amazon” which means that AliExpress takes control of the product delivery itself.

Who delivers AliExpress Standard Shipping?

AliExpress’ shipping partners include Singapore post (Most used), Correos, Post-Finland, SPSR, DHL, and Direct Link.

AliExpress Standard Shipping is one of the most popular shipping methods available on the website for it’s entirely free most of the time, and sometimes it costs somewhere around $2-$3 for delivery.

But it is a safe shipping option if you might have some disputes about the transaction. It is because that the retailer can quickly intervene, check the status, and find out the solution.

What’s the difference between Seller’s Shipping and AliExpress Standard Shipping?

The main difference between the two shipping methods is mostly the cost and timings; however, that differs for different countries. So, its better to choose a delivery method based on the delivery price and timing to your own destination place.

As mentioned above, its much safer to go with AliExpress Standard Shipping in case any transaction disputes occur. This is especially for some places dont support any other reliable delivery methods.

AliExpress Standard Shipping Tracking

Head over to “My Orders” in your account.
Click “View Detail” on your order.
The exact tracking details will be shown under “Logistics Information”.
If you are not satisfied with AliExpress’ shipping details, then there are other third-party tracking services available that will help you with your tracking info.

How to track my AliExpress order?

TrackingMore is one of the most popular parcel tracking platforms that shows accurate tracking info for a multitude of carriers all over the world. 

Just head over to TrackingMore, enter your tracking number, and the current logistical status of your parcel will be displayed immediately.

You can also choose CAINIAO - another website which is also great for tracking your AliExpress shipments; CAINIAO is the official logistical partner of AliExpress. 

Still, some buyers are not convinced about the free AliExpress shipping. Then...

Is AliExpress shipping really free?

AliExpress shipping is mostly free, but sometimes it does cost a minor amount. Somewhere around $1-$2 for the shipping. So, in a sense, it’s free but for certain countries, it might charge you a buck or two.

In Conclusion

It is not necessary to pay extra if all the delivery solutions are providing the similar services. Paying extra is a better choice unless you have urgent parcels to be delivered.


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