Why is 4PX Favored by Alibaba?

4PX is recognized as a preferred partner of Alibaba. Here are several features that make 4PX favored by Alibaba.

1. Extended Customer Service Hours

Among all the Alibaba-appointed forwarders, 4PX has the longest customer service hours – their working hours last from 8.30am to 9 pm daily. So its very convenient for you to track your parcels without choosing the specific time period.

2. SMS Notifications

4PX will inform you via text message when each parcel arrives at their warehouse as long as youve paid for your order. Thus, you wont have to log into your Alibaba account each time you want to check your parcel status. Moreover, you can also receive a text on the day your package is ready for home delivery. Very considerate!

3. Speedpost Delivery

You can trust the reliability of 4PX delivery at most times since it works with the national posts of the countries and regions it delivers to.

4. Fees

4PX offers a competitive domestic and overseas fulfillment pricing system and discounted last mile shipping. Here are 4PX E-order Shenzhen Warehouse Service Rates for your reference:

Currency:USD, for reference only, actual charge will be in RMB.
The total rate of E-order China consists of the following parts:Storage fee + Check in warehouse fee + Order handling Fees + Delivery fee to worldwide

Good For

People who are usually not home in the daytime: 4PX works with the national posts from many countries for local deliveries, so you can opt to pick up your parcel at a pick-up point.
Busy/forgetful people: text updates will be sent to you from 4PX as soon as your parcels have arrived at their warehouse.

Other Tracking Solutions

Besides SMS notifications, here two usual ways to track your parcels delivered by 4PX:

1 Go to 4PX Tracking, or

2 Go to the 4PX official website

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