What is the best shipping service for international students?

Every year, many students go abroad for further studies. Thus, there are a lot of baggage items that they need to send. There are also many international students who need to do some purchasing business for extra money. So, what is the best shipping service for international students?

Take an example of sending packages from Japan to China.

1. Four major international express delivery services

DHL, UPS, TNT, and FEDEX are the four major international express delivery services. They are highly commercial and have very good timeliness. Generally, door-to-door delivery can be completed within 5-7 days. Customs clearance is based on commercial items, thus they are more expensive and suitable for commodity delivery. In addition, the four major international express companies only have outlets in some large cities in China, such as the Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

2. Sagawa Express

You can also choose Japanese green line for the delivery. For example, the Japanese green line like Sagawa Express is specially designed for Japanese companies and Japanese in China. The service is relatively narrow. Most people have never heard of it. The price is slightly lower than that of the postal EMS. Its door-to-door delivery can generally be completed within 7-9 days.

3. Shipping agents

Shipping agents are cheaper than the international express delivery services, but you must find the reliable one to ship your packages. 

If you want to track your shipping info, go to track DHL, UPS Tracing, TNT, FEDEX Tracking, and Sagawa shipping.

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