Swiss Post ranked first in the world

Swiss Post is well known for its quality service, but how well it truly is. Recently, Swiss Post is regarded as the best among all the postal organizations evaluated by the UPU in the Postal Development Index. 

Three major dimensions of Postal Development Index

Reliability, relevance and resilience are the three major dimensions of Postal Development Index. The UPU study evaluates reliability (efficiency, speed, and quality of delivery and services), reach (international networks and commitment), relevance (demand for the products and services, and how important they are to the country) and resilience (how innovative Swiss Post is, how diversified its sources of revenue are and how sustainable developments are implemented).

Challenges & opportunities for all the postal organizations

Statistics shows that growing digitization causes tremendous challenges for the sector worldwide, mainly due to the increasing demand for delivery capacity in online retail. However, it also shows that digitization offers new opportunities for companies which are flexible, active and quick to react.

Compared with its competitors

Among the evaluation, Swiss Post got the maximum score of 100 points for relevance and resilience. The average score for industrialized nations in these dimensions was 64.3 points (resilience) and 39.9 points (relevance).
The postal organizations in Switzerland’s neighbouring countries Germany (4th place with 91.3 points), Austria (10th place with 76.3 points) and France (5th place with 83.3 points) also ranked highly, but the gap between them and Swiss Post (1st place with 100 points) widened compared to last year (Italy was ranked 28th with 62.9 points).
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